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Wild Arms 4
Media Vision’s Wild Arms series returns in Wild Arms 4 for the PlayStation 2. This time the familiar western setting continues to be infused using a modern-day feel. Also of note is the new HEX battle system among other additions. Will gamers love this new accept the concept of Filgaia? Let’s discover!The story of Wild Arms 4 revolves around ARMS, which are destructive weapons with immense power. The main character, Jude, meets a woman named Yulie, that has the electricity to regulate ARMS. Jude enters contact with ARM material and he to gains the ability to materialize one. As usual, a corporation referred to as Congressional Knights efforts to capture Yulie and make use of her powers for their own evil ways. Jude and his awesome companions, Arnaud and Raquel, carry on an outing to rescue her which will help prevent the corporation.Now, let’s discuss the platforming aspect of Wild Arms 4. In these areas, Jude can run, jump, slide, and stomp. This makes under-going dungeons and exploring much more fun. It’s really done well and complements the RPG facet of the sport perfectly. Also, maintaining tradition are Wild Arm’s dungeon puzzles. Most in the puzzles require some skill but aren’t too difficult. Getting through them calls for things such as using dungeons specific items, bombs, switches, and deactivating security systems. The JRPG staples continue to be contained in the game. You go to different areas, have conversations with characters, level up, buy equipment, carry on side-quests, visit towns, etc. Overall, after playing and beating the overall game, I found it to be considered one of my personal favorites within the series.The battle system of WA4 is often a fun mixture of action and strategic elements. The battlefield, referred to as the HEX system, contains seven hexagons. Three of these have elemental properties like fire, water, earth, or wind. The other three are regular hexes encompassed by one within the middle. All of these together comprise seven. The character’s turns are dependant on a listing similar to the one within Final Fantasy X. You can start an action by staying on your grid or after moving to a single.Speaking of grids, the characters are able to move freely together. They can likewise have several character at a time on a hex. This leads to battles which might be more strategic in nature. For example, assume Jude and Yulie are on a Hex. You can move Arnaud to that particular Hex and heal all the characters at once. But if an enemy attacks or runs on the status aliment, all three of these is going to be affected. Sometimes this tactic works possibly at maybe it is good to discover them. You also provide to be familiar with status effects, Abcya Games positive or negative, on certain hexes.The graphics in Wild Arms 4 are fantastic. All with the character models and textures are detailed having an anime influence. The environments are stunning also. You’ll see beautiful blue/sunset skies, a night city, a futuristic orphanage, a lava cavern, plus a snow covered land with the aurora inside background. This is just a sample with the unique areas that you’ll be traveling through. WA4 also features some nice artwork in the characters. You mainly discover their whereabouts during conversations between characters. For important parts in the story, there are real-time models and voice acting. Some gamers will discover the static artwork conversations tiring after a few years. Other than the artwork, WA4 also has some cool opening and ending anime scenes. The fantasy/western settings of Filgaia have never looked better.The soundtrack of Wild Arms 4 is incredible. Composer Michiko Naruke has been able to infuse western style music with upbeat and slower tempo beats and will make you desire to whistle being a cowboy. A few of my favorites are: Perilous Change, Over the Wind, Gun Blaze, Time/Rocks Piled Up, and Condition Green. I recommend you find the soundtrack for the game. It’s that good! The voice acting is okay. Some are superior to others, but there sufficient. The rest with the audio is spot on. Overall, the sound/audio part of WA4 is superb and helps to future immerse you in the world.Wild Arms 4 successfully combines the signature western settings which has a modern touch. The new additions just like the HEX battle system and action/adventure platforming keep the sport fresh, whilst the familiar western themes, storytelling, and music from the WA series remain intact. Overall, Wild Arms 4 is among the best inside the series and I recommend it to any JRPG fan.Pros: Battle System, Soundtrack, Adventure Gameplay, Characters, SettingsCons: NoneScore: 9.0