What Abcya4 Experts Don’t Want You To Know

abcya gamesLooking Back on the R4 DS
R4DS is also known as the R4 Revolution for Nintendo DS & Nintendo Lite. It is a blank cartridge that produces usage of any abcya 4 games GB to 32 GB microSD flash memory card for storage purposes.Music, videos as well as ROMs can be placed inside any microSD when you plug it into the R4, you are able to play these on the Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite. You will also love every one of the emulators for Nintendo DS over the R4. Whether it’s NES, Genesis or SNES, you’ll be able to now proceed through all of your pre-loved console games in your DS & Lite while using R4.R4DS or Revolution for DS belongs within the same line as M3DS and YushenDS Cards. They are similar hardware products. Firmware for various brands and language versions can be patched to function on different language/brand versions of this hardware.A Brief History of R4 CardsLast 2007, the first R4 card was updated to R4v2 or R4 version 2. Later that year, R4v2 was revised as well as the spring mechanism for inserting in addition to releasing the microSD card was eliminated. The new version stood a slot in the dust so users can manually slot in a microSD card. The reason this was revised was because the spring mechanism can malfunction after prolonged use.When numerous low quality clones of R4 & M3 came into being like E7, N5, U2DS and R4DS Upgrade II in addition to R4 Pro, R4 SDHC and R4 Advance, gamers started to feel confused and worried over which hardware are genuine and which of them are clones.Back then, you’ll be able to distinguish genuine R4 cards as they are encrypted. However, also in 2007 this encryption scheme was broken and many utilities started to exist for encrypting and modifying and also decrypting R4 firmware. There were also clones that used the decrypted version in the firmware. There were also clone manufacturers who released modified versions to aid other games.After the official 1.18 firmware was released last April 2008, R4 have been discontinued. However, clone manufacturers have remained active. Due to illegal software piracy, the R4 was even banned from sale throughout Japan and even in the UK.Genuine R4 cards cannot read SDHC due to hardware limitations. It is the clones who’ve successfully added this functionality. The only problem – a large number of cards are known for their high failure rates. Then again, there is certainly one R4 clone that became popular and contains even shown to be reliable – R4 SDHC.The sad the truth is – R4DS cards have been outdated. However, you’ll find newer, better and cheaper R4 clones it is possible to now find available on the market. So if you’re still trying to find a genuine R4DS to your Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite, you may have a really awkward time locating one. It may be easier to think about using R4 clones.

CWG Games or GCW Games

abcya 2 gamesIn a cricket crazy nation as India, where every rich man is gladly pouring out all his heart and money to invest big time in the game, it was always somewhat difficult to throw open the nation gates to host a major world event like ‘Common Wealth Games’.
And although, such huge events can give a tremendous boost to the nation’s tourism and can pull in the huge international brands to the national market, it is very critical to realize the efforts and sincerity needed to pull off such a major international event.

The Indian officials, however, have failed to realize not only the planning efforts but also the consequences that the nation can suffer in case of below average preparations. The yet unanswered vigorously growing questions about the improper grooming of the CWG, only goes on to highlight the already embarrassing preparation scenario.

The carelessness and sheer irresponsible behaviour shown by the Indian CWG officials, is also boiling the blood of many locals awaiting the event.

The never-ending controversies that have come in open since the last month, has only brought serious disappointment to the national athletes, fans, and even the local people. And the scenario is only getting worse. The corruption scam opened the controversial curtain to CWG, which was later followed by the schedule problems, after which came the official anthem delay saga, and was followed by collapsed bridge and bad rooms.
And many are still amazed at the paradox, of how excited our nation was to host such a major event and how under prepared we are.

The catastrophic CWG, has not only brought shame on India but also has killed any possibility of hosting such a huge non-cricket event in the near future. But our shameless CWG officials have successfully pulled off one thing for sure, they have managed to turn the ‘CWG’ to ‘GCW’.
From the ‘Common Wealth Games’ to ‘Games with Common man’s Wealth’.

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