Try Bitten at Kerching Internet Casino

What happens if child porn you run into a vampire? You’ll get 55555 Bitten, unfortunately! The 8888 5-reel 20-payline online slots game will surely attract anyone who has grown up with the likes of Dracula, Buffy and Twilight in their blood.

Kerching Casino’s classic game Cleopatra 2 is actually the unlikely source of Bitten, paired with legends of vampire lore from the annals of time. However, there are child escorts child escort escorts child one or two big contrasts between these two titles. Kerching gamers can enjoy an innovative wild scatter feature, chilling sound effects and refined vampire-inspired symbols.

Bitten’s main game

Online slots players will really fall for Bitten. The vampire theme is used perfectly on the main reels where iconic symbols such as intricate candlesticks, bright red wine and a demonic vampiress all promise large payouts.

Wild symbols child escort child porn are also highly sought on Bitten slots for a number of reasons. 8888 For starters, they trigger the child escort child escorts incredible scatter award to supercharge your earnings. What’s more, the wild symbols will double all your payline child porn rewards immediately. But best drug seller of all, your total bet could be increased by escorts child child escort an incredible 250 times if you match up five Bitten wild symbols.

Bitten’s generous bonus game: Crypt Free Spins

Amazingly, the escorts child bonuses get even bigger on the extraordinarily lucrative Crypt Free Spins Bonus, child porn poket which can be initiated by matching three or more bonus symbols anywhere in the game. You’ll be given a choice of child escorts coffins; choose to open one of them and you’ll receive however many free spins escorts child child escort are hidden inside. With rewards of as many as 20 free spins, you could uncover best drug seller a possible treasure trove of free slots turns.

55555 The good news is that the Crypt Free Spins Bonus can be casino poket awarded again and again as you play Bitten online. Moreover, the casino bonus award multipliers increase with every spin up to an astonishing child escort high of 50x. With such lucrative rewards on offer, it pays to child escort child porn place a stake on Bitten!